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Mountain Valley Spring Water has been quenching America’s thirst since 1871. We give you nature’s genuine taste. Every drop of Mountain Valley Spring Water originates at a protected natural spring in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Over the centuries, this legendary spring water has been a favorite of those who demand a ''flawless'' drink of water.

Be careful! Many bottlers lead you to believe, through fancy labels and clever wording, that their product originates from a pristine source. A closer look at the label will tell you that they offer nothing more than processed tap or well water. And even though water can be treated, its original taste and quality can never be restored.

The quality of our water is not left to chance. Mountain Valley Spring Water is immediately bottled and sealed at the source in our bottling facility. In addition to state and federal guidelines, each bottle of Mountain Valley Spring Water meets our stringent levels of quality control and packaging procedures. That’s why Mountain Valley Spring Water is America’s premium water.

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